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by Frameworks

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Disquiet 00:23
Loom 02:18
May let itself in with no interruption,  As my head pressed against the glass window of my room. Cars pass, pursuing themselves. If I looked away would they change their nature,   or continue to pass, swaying with the weather.  Each individual with drive and direction, or a cast of pure fiction from my mind selecting what to keep, from what I see. Calm and casually weighing on me. Possibly real, unknowingly certain. Maybe the flame blew out. Jolt of nerves and doused down. Maybe it wasn't truly there.  Jolt of nerves and disappeared.  "Today I stand divided by the loyalty I owe."  To the reality that's just across the street, and to the inward real feeling that up until now  everything else has all still been but a dream. Today a cloud formed in my head and it poured a rain of new reasons but traffic never slowed.
If I could, I would find a new way to inject you into my veins Liquify you into a cure  directly to the flow of my blood stream With you underneath my skin, somewhere in my veins,  in my bloodstream, I'd find some way for us to relate. You're more like a car crash. I sat passenger seat. Reading your cautions, your subtle signs. Watching our wheels kiss the roads cheek. Tackling railings like our finish lines I have come to terms eventually we all collide. Becoming the fans  of collisions or fighting each ride.
True Wealth 02:48
I felt boundless and lone. Simply composed.  Edgeless and deserted.  Intact while overexerted. Lately I'm being stretched too thin. Leaving small pieces of myself to places I've been. Eventual trails of arms and legs to rediscover and recollect again. Stop convincing yourself that there's no true wealth in anybody else. Lock all the doors. So no one gets in. Revisit your old conversations. Until you know just how you're suppose to feel. Lock all the doors. Double-bolt yourself in. Retrace your steps for something you may have missed. Everything's beautiful  as long  as it doesn't  concern  me.
Splinters 02:19
Time's a new splinter.   Buried deep in the opposable thumb. Finding new ways drive itself further. Making you feel grimly aware the more you touch. I keep thinking the body will reject it out. Find a new way to calcify it down.  Alternative means to grinding teeth. Loosely kept terms only here to make you feel more or less alive. Redefining what it means to survive.  Times a conceptual straight jacket. Confining you to moments you wished to forget. I want a past and future to forget.  To live and die, a  stand-in-line instant validation  A few brief moments, A few pure moments of gold. Everything you didn't notice made you what you are today. A foundation braced to break the backs. A product of everything you lacked. You stand up straight, poised and posed, straight in line, splitter exposed. Wanting on a validation, or further inclination  that makes you feel better prepared. 
Rosie 02:35
Each new morning's a slow thaw.  Pacing back and forth. Here in my current state  I'm chasing something more. Pacing yourself, breaths at a time, keeping stride with traffic outside. Bracing yourself, steps at a time. Things you grasp, they tear at you now. Short breaths at a time. Small steps at a time. Waking up to the same  endless scenes night after night. Scrambling to your feet  to the sounds of your cell door slamming shut. A careless king is waking absent of a queen. She must be dead.  Throughout the leaning towers, peasants keep their balance overhead. Therefore everything is balanced.  Everything is balanced.  But a shape under the castle  keeps me constantly distracted. Nothing feels real.  Nothing to feel.  The world is not black and white. It’s grey.
Waving in vain for attention or surrender. Waiting to make it to where there is some kind of warmth. There’s a way to be together alone. Keeping myself from the ones who want more. Fits in my hands isn’t all I can hold. There is just not enough time to make more. A second to breath is a second too long. Finally feeling the warmth. Even through a stained glass window the sun either shines or doesn't. The day is bright and new.  The light is in my room.  So are you.  No simple truths.  Need proof.
Affordance 02:39
Will I always have this same innate impatience following me around wherever I go. Living in impulse's personal prison, following me around wherever I go. My human nature has always had its flaws.  Impressions to steal and rob you your own. Where a thousand pleasures never add up to compensate for one single loss. Is it in my lack of patience  where most things start  losing significance.  Or my lack of participation  where most begin to lose their locations.  The webs we weave, outlines in white. Shaping our ideas of paradise.  Crossings the wires  tied to my wants, so they all route the same. Until I'm not sure where I'll be.
Your years will pass you by in braids of smoke.  Keeping what you can in the cup of your hands. Your years will linger in the fabrics of your clothes. Settle in the folds and sheets of your bed. There as a scent to remind you of the hazy games  memory can play. No one cared to warn you your days would slowly plot against you.  Taking what they can. Your feelings of forever sprang a leak.  Spitting out your youth in constant waves of weeks.  This is it.  Your complex contest to feel content.  Taking what you can get  This is it.  Your complex contest, with your army of grey days on the march. At best, you'll find new ways to mute the monotony.  At best, you'll try and forget.  At best, you'll push 60.  Sleeping at night properly. Coping with the possibility the extent to your life has all been lived out.
Autonomy 01:58
How I become my own empire  of uncontested conviction and self doubt. A kingdom as big as my crown. With walls as high as my restraint.  A history of bartering away  blank joy and inflated memories.  Governed by my own sense of patience  and everything you know about being alone. With walls as high as my restraint, and  a history of bartering away.  Awake in your permanent state of sleep.  You are your own setting sun  and the space that's in between you  wont feel the same as you once did.
Circuits and springs, are hard-wired arm race. "To see a world in a grain of sand." Neurons, nerve ends, a god interwoven. "To hold Infinity in the palm of your hand." What is it inside you that quietly wheels you away? Provoking only what provokes me. Uninspired and tired of fanning the flames Provoking only what provokes me. Circuits and springs, are hard-wired arm race.


released April 29, 2014


all rights reserved



Frameworks Gainesville, Florida


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